Saudi Gazette – The next generation of women interior designers presented innovative designs at the Decofair Exhibition which concluded here recently, Al-Madina reported.

King Abdulaziz University Design Department Dean Halah Baheem said she was proud of the projects presented at the exhibition. “The exhibition was a good opportunity for the department to expose the field of interior design to the world. Interior designers are different from architects and graphic designers. It is a new and growing market,” said Baheem.

She added the exhibition was a good opportunity for companies to recruit potential employees.

“Interior design is a wide field which can be integrated into many other fields such as architecture and arts. More and more students are studying interior design and more and more graduates are making a name for themselves in this field,” said Baheem.

She added the exhibition was very dynamic and has attracted a great number of people. “We teach our students to design for the global and local market. We encourage our students to be innovative and forward thinking in their designs,” said Baheem.

KAU Design Department faculty member Enas Anous said the projects presented varied from designs for hospitals, libraries, care homes and other facilities.

“The exhibition was a good opportunity for students to make an impression in the job market. The exhibition was visited by pioneering architecture and design companies, universities offering scholarships and research opportunities and enthusiasts exchanging ideas,” said Anous.

She added the exhibition showed that there was a strong community in the Kingdom supporting art and was appreciative of various fields of design.

Prof. Nuha Naqiti of the KAU Design Department said interior designers are essential members for the development of any society. “We work for the society, we build the society and we are an essential element in the development of a society. Design is all around us. We cannot live without design. We teach our students to thrive through and come up with unique designs to serve the society,” said Naqiti.


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