Saudi Gazette – The Cooperative Health Insurance Council will begin implementing compulsory health insurance on expatriate visitors from next month.

The number of expatriate visitors to the Kingdom is estimated at 1.6 million annually.

However, Haj and Umrah pilgrims, diplomats and visitors to foreign missions and international organizations for the purpose of diplomatic work as well as guests of the State are exempt from compulsory health insurance.

The Cooperative Health Insurance Council has licensed seven cooperative health insurance companies to carry out electronic sale of policies and implement health insurance on visiting expatriates.

This is in line with the Council of Ministers’ decision issued on March 3, 2014.

Cooperative health insurance will include all applicants for entry visas to the Kingdom for the purpose of visit or transit as well as dependents of expats.

The Cooperative Health Insurance Council had approved medical insurance policy for visitors and their dependents with a maximum premium of SR100,000 covering emergency cases.

The expenses will cover all medical check-ups, diagnosis, treatment, medicines, hospitalization expenses, pregnancy and delivery cases, dental and gum diseases, dental filling, root canal, extraction of pus, emergency renal dialysis cases, medical evacuation within the Kingdom and abroad, and injuries due to traffic accidents. The expenses also cover preparation and repatriation of the insured visitor’s body to his or her home country.


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