Arab News – Five hospitals in Jeddah refused to admit a Saudi child who had suffered a fracture on the skull, which led to his being unconscious for 48 hours, a website reported on Monday.

The child, Khalid Mosleh Al-Mobadi, had fallen from the third floor of his building. His father rushed him to a hospital in north Jeddah, where it became clear that he had fractured his skull and had become fully unconscious.
Doctors in the emergency ward did what they could but refused to conduct a surgery, saying that the hospital was new and there was no pediatrician, and it did not have the required facilities,” the father of the child was quoted as saying.
“Then, we contacted Jeddah International Hospital, King Fahd Military Hospital, King Fahd General Hospital, Al-Jadani Hospital and Suleiman Faqih Hospital. All of them refused to admit the child because there were no beds. The child is on a ventilator without any medical intervention and battling for life,” he said.
The father has appealed to the Ministry of Health to intervene in the matter and rescue the child as his condition is deteriorating.
An unnamed source in the north Jeddah hospital said: “We contacted a number of hospitals to admit the case. There was coordination with King Fahd General Hospital to prepare a bed for him in the intensive care unit to transfer the child for complete treatment.”


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