Arab News –  The cold spell, chilly wind and wet conditions continued in Riyadh Friday, forcing people to stay indoors and the government issuing warnings of slippery roads and flooding in low-lying areas.
The temperature fell below 10 degrees Celsius, with a strong wind causing even chillier conditions as the rain continued to fall over the city. Those venturing outside were seen outside wrapped up in thick clothing.
The rainy weather is expected to clear, but the cold spell would continue until Sunday, including in Asir and Najran, the PME said Friday.
The inclement weather, which had started Wednesday over the capital city, saw no serious problems reported, said Maj. Mohammed Al-Hammadi, spokesman of the Civil Defense on Friday.
However, he warned that people should stay indoors during heavy rain and avoid driving as much as possible because of the slippery roads.
“Motorists should take special care and must exercise restraint while driving. People should avoid getting close to electric wires, or stay under trees during heavy rainfall.”
The Civil Defense has been working with Riyadh Municipality to tackle emergency situations caused by the inclement weather, including draining water from flooded streets. Residents have been advised to call the toll-free number 940 in case of an emergency.


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