Arab News –  In response to questions from citizens, the water department here has said that the first and second phase of the long-awaited water tower has been completed.
Hamad Al-Wabil, director general of the department in the Eastern Province, said that the first two phases cost SR186 million, while the final work would be for about SR32 million.
Al-Wabil said that the 150,000-square-meter project would be one of the Eastern Province’s top tourist attractions, and have eight stories at a height of 90 meters, including a floor for restaurants overlooking the city, and an outside viewing deck.
Alkhobar citizens have been calling for the opening of the tower, which they said have been delayed for a long time. They have urged the department to provide reasons for the delay.
Citizen Abu Abdulaziz Hassan said that he welcomes the new projects being undertaken for the public but complained of what he described as lengthy delays, many of which “impede the movement of residents and visitors, especially during the holidays.”
Abu Hassan said that he hoped the tower would be opened soon because it would provide families a place to have an outing. He said the location of the tower was in one of the most attractive parts of the region, overlooking the corniche and the sea.
He said that the area around the tower should be used to set up various projects for the community including games, cafes, and places for people to sell handicrafts.


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