Arab News – In a date with history, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) recently organized a tour for retired military officers to Al-Kharj heritage landmarks and its surrounding areas.
The ex-officers’ delegation was headed by Lt. Gen. Abdul Aziz bin Mohammad Al-Hindi, former Commander of the Royal Saudi Air Force.
An SCTNH official said Thursday that the tour began with a visit to King Abdulaziz Palace in Al-Saih city.
They listened to a detailed explanation from the local tourism official, which highlighted the importance of the palace and its historic relevance as one of the most important palaces of the founder of the Kingdom.
The group then visited Ayon Al-Saih in the west of Al-Saih city, where the local tourism office gave them a detailed explanation on the Ayon Al-Saih history.
The former officers also visited the Almarai Company complex in the east of Al-Saih and toured different parts. They were briefed about its facilities and phases of milk and its derivatives production and quality standards.
The tour concluded with a visit to the Al-Saih water tower.
The visiting officers called for King Abdulaziz Palace to be studied and transformed into a museum displaying the collections of King Abdulaziz and for Al-Kharj tower to be handed over to a specialized company to develop as a distinguished national tourism landmark.
Aimed at creating a quantum leap in tourism and antiquities, the Riyadh Governorate and Al-Kharj municipality in collaboration with the SCTNH and Ar-Riyadh Development Authority (ADA) are working to restore King Abdulaziz Palace and its surrounding area in order to transform it into a historical center named after King Abdulaziz. The project includes establishing a museum for Al-Kharj municipality inside the palace.


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