Arab News – Schools across the Kingdom will no more be bombarded with circulars issued by educational authorities on various issues as it amounts to wastage of precious time of the educational staff.
Education Minister Azzam Al-Dakhil has issued a directive that very important circulars and only those containing his name be sent, local media reported Saturday.
The minister was quoted as saying that all sectors in public education and educational directorates in different regions and provinces must abide by the latest decision, which is in public interest. “There is no need to keep issuing recurring circulars. It is more important to concentrate on teaching,” he said.
Al-Dakhil said his ministry is currently working on developing and establishing an active mechanism to review the circulars to ease the process of following up and referring back. He reiterated that these need to be stopped, except in urgent situations.
The new mechanism will simplify and strengthen the work process at educational directorates and offices. This will also mean stopping of internal circulars and issuance of only those organized through the ministry.
The minister’s decision is being seen as a welcome move, especially since circulars were being issued on a daily basis, including those from educational directorates. The circulars sometimes contradicted each other and led to confusion and waste of time.
Some experts were quoted as saying that the decision will re-establish stability and create an effective mechanism in the educational field.


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