Saudi Gazette – Over the last couple of days, security pilots have flown 305 hours , hovering over the Holy Sites and conducting 267 flights, according to General Commander of Security Aircraft. Maj. Gen. Muhammad Al-Harbi.

“We fly every hour and take a tour around the Holy Sites to ensure everything wa going as planned. We flew every hour in Arafat and conducted 12 flights on that day, using several aircraft. We increased the number of flights as pilgrims moved to Muzdalifah and later to Mina and even when they began the ritual of throwing pebbles,” said Al-Harbi.

The security pilots will continue to run more trips till Wednesday to keep a close eye on the movement of pilgrims from the Holy Sites to the Grand Mosque and monitor traffic in general.

“Serving pilgrims is our duty and many envy us because we have been given a chance to serve the guests of Allah. We feel proud and work hard to mobilize all our capabilities to help pilgrims complete their rituals with comfort and ease,” he stressed.

Security Aircraft Service extends works with several government agencies such as the Ministry of Haj and Umrah, Public Security, Private Security Forces, Makkah Development Commission, Makkah Municipality, Makkah Emir’s Office, and many others and help them in their missions.

All Saudi pilots are highly trained and qualified to professionally fly different types of aircraft that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, infrared cameras and lasers to provide accurate statistics and information to all pertinent agencies.

The same pilots presented impressive segments during Tiger 3 drill conducted by the ministries of interior and defense in collaboration with the French forces. The drill was held in 2014 in Tabuk, the Eastern Province, Makkah and Riyadh and the pilots participated in the drills, including providing air support to ground troops, loading and unloading troops, providing protection to high-profile figures, fighting terrorists and pirates, in addition to other tasks.


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