Arab News – Academics have called on Arabic speakers in general and the youth in particular to promote their language online for education, cultural and socioeconomic development.
Saudi Electronic University (SEU) said that Arabic language is now open online for those who are interested to learn it from any place in the world as part of the university’s program to serve the language globally.
Abdullah Al-Mousa, SEU acting rector, said the university offers Arabic distance e-learning from any part of the world making use of technology to serve those who want to learn the language.
Various local universities and institutions, including the King Abdullah International Center for Arabic Language Service (KAICAL), Princess Nora University (PNU) and the online Saudi Electronic University (SEU) marked the UN-Arabic Language Day by hosting various programs.
Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Adeib, dean of the Faculty of Arabic Language at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University (IMSIU), said it reflects keenness of the leadership of Saudi Arabia in promoting Arabic language, as a result of which the UN General Assembly adopted Arabic among the six official languages at the UN which are celebrated globally.
In his presentation on “Globality of Arabic language and its present stature in modern era,” Mohammed Al-Rabee said Arabic is a universal language, and has a great impact on world languages and its growing demand in modern era, especially in the Muslim world.
“The Arabic language is a tool for communication and dialogue in the era of globalization,” he said, adding its presence is apparent in the international scene in all cultural, intellectual, economic, political and communicative manifestations.”
A number of seminars, in partnership with scientific institutions, will be conducted on the occasion, said Abdullah Al-Washmi, KAICAL head. He said elites and professors will be taking part in that celebration that aims to promote the language.


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