Saudi Gazette – The United Nations is set to host a four-day event showcasing the social, economic, environmental, cultural and urban development of Riyadh.

Dubbed “A Day in Riyadh,” the event is set to run from Sept. 27-30, in conjunction with the 71st regular session of the UN General Assembly.

It will highlight Riyadh’s journey of development as well as its future challenges. Besides de-mystifying the city, the event will also boost cooperation between the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA), named after the region in which Riyadh is located, and UN experts, agencies and development programs.

“As the mayor of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I have a very simple message to the great people of New York during these times: We stand together. For over 80 years, Saudi Arabia and the United States have been allies. It has been an alliance forged not only based on economic and strategic joint interests, but a deep social and civic connection. The exchange of knowledge between our two countries, and the years of joint collaboration in a variety of development sectors has played an important role in enabling Riyadh to become the global metropolis of over 6.5 million inhabitants that it is today in a very short period of time,” said Ibrahim Alsultan, President of the Arriyadh Development Authority and the Mayor of Riyadh.

The event will feature a two-part session on Riyadh’s cultural aspects, rich heritage and community.

On Sept. 30, speakers will discuss the participation of women in the development of the city, and shed light on the capital’s historic sites and antiquities as it hosts unique buildings, old quarters, palm gardens, farms and agricultural areas.

In addition to a slew of panel discussions, visitors can also learn about the capital via video shows, 3D models, and a specially prepared documentary that highlights Riyadh’s key achievements and challenges.

Alsultan said in his message: “There are many misconceptions about our Kingdom. But as “A Day in Riyadh” at the UN will showcase, there is much more that binds our two cities with one another.

“Like New York, the city of Riyadh has faced many challenges and growing pains, but we are still committed to succeeding.

“Working closely with the United States, with global experts from the United Nations and UN organizations and programs, we are continuing on a path to growth for our citizens. From to the construction of one of the world’s largest mass transit systems, to the surge in housing development and foreign investment, Riyadh has more in common with New York every day.”


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