ARAB NEWS – Two hundred government officials have refused to retire even though they have reached the superannuation age. Instead, they have requested that the Civil Service Board extend their service years.
Secretary General of the Civil Service Council Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Haddawi said that “92 percent of senior government officials are over the age of 50 years. Even still, we have received 200 applications from such officials wishing to extend their service. So far, we have rejected 30 such applications, and have extended 170 of them.”
“More than 16,000 employees quit their jobs in the Civil Services from the beginning of the year, to September 2014”, Osama Hefni, economy professor at Prince Sultan for Tourism College, told Arab News. “The Ministry of Civil Service has terminated the contracts of 7,468 non-Saudi employees working at several ministries and government directorates over the past year,” he added.
The ministry had previously contracted 3,196 non-Saudi employees (1,404 men and 1,792 women) to work in several administrative and service jobs, while there were 73,684 non-Saudi employees working in the fields of health and higher education in government ministries last year. The health sector accounted for the highest share of these jobs with a total of 54,062 employees, while education ranked second with 14,195 employees.
The ministry’s September statistical report revealed that the number of government employees stood at 1,219,064 in total, until September. Male employees accounted for 61.31 percent of the tota. Currently, there are 73,185 non-Saudi employees who mostly occupy jobs in the health sector and some educational jobs in the field of higher education.


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