Saudi Gazette – The Saudi Cultural Attache in the US reported that 60 Saudi students on scholarship have lost their visa during the past three months, Al-Hayat reported.

The Saudi Cultural Attache in the United States Mohammad Al-Essa said the visas were canceled due to violations to the American Migration Law.

“The violations include containing violent or unethical material on mobile phones, committing traffic violations and transferring to a different university without informing the previous university. Some of the students that had their visas canceled were in Saudi Arabia during the summer and others were notified when they arrived into US airports,” said Al-Essa.

“There are 120,000 Saudi students in the US, 60 of them have returned to the Kingdom. The attaché sends notifications and e-mails raising awareness among students. Any violating material should not exist not only on mobile phones but also in the home and at work,” said Al-Essa.

He added students should be wary of saving religiously extreme materials or violent material.

Ministry of Interior Public Relations and Media Director Mohammad Al-Maroul said most of the Saudi students who are held at American airports have saved questionable material on their mobile phones.


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