Saudi Gazette – Experts were of the view that women commit 50 percent of the theft crimes, Al-Watan reported. Criminology and sociology expert Mohammad Al-Farheed said there were 65 theft cases reported during the past year.

“21 of the cases were processed through the penal court, 34 of the cases were processed through directorate courts after review and 10 cases were refused. Most of the drug crimes are committed by men while women criminals mostly commit theft crimes,” said Al-Farheed.

He added women turn to stealing to compensate for financial instability and emotional instability from family and husbands. “The disparity between social classes and the competition over materialism is what has pushed many women to steal,” said Al-Farheed.

Psychologist Abdulaziz Al-Nahidh said the incentive behind women stealing is different than men. “Women mostly steal more than just money. Women steal clothes, makeup and other women products that are considered essential for them. Women are more pushed to follow the latest trends than men and women who were deprived in their childhood are more likely to steal,” said Al-Nahidh.

He added having money is not the only reason people steal. “Some may have kleptomania, a condition that obliges someone to steal compulsively even if they do not need the product they are stealing. Some people steal for the thrill of it. There are rich women that are kleptomaniac,” said Al-Nahidh.

Psychiatrist Zuhair Khushaim said traditionally it is men who commit crimes and not women. “Women with low serotonin or dopamine are more likely to commit irrational acts, including stealing. Stealing may give these women a thrill to replace their low levels of serotonin or dopamine,” said Khushaim.


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