Saudi Gazette – Riyadh and Makkah regions dominated half of the 43,000 assault cases in the Kingdom during the last Hijra year, according to the General Authority of Statistics.

Makkah region was at the top of the list with 13,348 assaults, at a rate of 36 cases per day, followed by Riyadh with 8,088 cases at a rate of 22 cases per day, while Najran region recorded the lowest rate of 411 cases, Al-Watan Arabic newspaper reported.

Lawyer Falah Al-Juhani explained that crimes targeting others is one of the most serious ones, as it threatens the most legitimate rights of a human being and the right to life.

Al-Juhani categorized assault crimes into several types: premediated murder where the offender meant killing the victim with his full mental ability including murder; semi-premeditated, in which the offender deliberately assaults the victim but without an intention to kill, mistaken murder where the aggressor did not mean to assault the victim fatally.

Al-Juhani pointed out that the penalties vary depending on the crime. In case of homicide, the murderer is sentenced to death. If the victim’s family allow for him to live, then blood money must be paid.

In addition, consequential sanctions are imposed such as denial of inheritance, or commandment. In the semi-premeditated murder and error, punishment is limited to blood money, or discretionary, or denial of inheritance and will.


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