Arab News – Four people were killed and six injured, three of them seriously, when a building under construction inside a factory collapsed in eastern Buraidah, Qassim, on Monday. The building was being constructed without permission.
Qassim Gov. Prince Faisal bin Mishaal ordered the formation of a committee to investigate the cause of the collapse, local media reported on Tuesday.
The authorities concerned have ordered the formation of an urgent field committee to investigate the cause of the incident, local media reported on Tuesday.
“The command and control center in Buraidah received a report about the incident during the concrete pouring process in the factory, which has an area of 390 square meters,” Ibrahim Abalkheil, spokesman of Civil Defense in Qassim, was quoted as saying.
He said teams were immediately dispatched to the site. “Investigations and search and rescue operations revealed seven people were stuck under the iron and concrete.” he said.
“Three people were rescued alive, while four others were found dead. The were covered in concrete, so teams had to break the concrete and cut the iron to remove the bodies,” he said. “The three seriously injured people were taken to a hospital before the arrival of civil defense teams.”
Abalkheil said investigation into safety procedures revealed the building was being constructed without the necessary permission from authorities, including Civil Defense.
According to Mohammed Al-Jaethen, the Red Crescent spokesman in Qassim, 11 teams, support staff and an air ambulance were deployed at the site of the crash.


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