Saudi Gazette – A man, his wife, and his mother drowned during floods in Madinah on Thursday. The mother’s body has been found but those of the man and his wife are still missing, according to a source from Madinah Civil Defense.

The source said the three victims were in a car driving on Wadi Al-Baydhaa Road when they were swept away by rainwater. “The Madinah Civil Defense deployed five rescue teams with nine boats, three cars, 132 officers and 13 voluntary divers to search for the victims. The Madinah Civil Defense joined forces with the Jeddah Civil Defense to expedite the search,” said the source.

The source also said that all security forces have been informed of the case and the Emir of Madinah Prince Faisal Bin Salman has ordered the authorities to provide all the resources needed to find the victims.

“The funeral of the mother will be held once the bodies of the man and his wife are found. The search for the victims continues and the security forces are doing their best to find them,” said the source.

Fahd Al-Dhibyani, the brother of the drowned man, said his brother Mabrook and his wife are still missing.

“We have been informed about the death of my mother. We will not hold the funeral until the Civil Defense finds my brother and his wife. We have been searching non-stop for the past few days,” said Al-Dhibyani.

He added that his family is grateful for the support and efforts done by the Civil Defense and other forces.

“A lot of people from the community have volunteered for the search party. We are very grateful for the supportive and inclusive spirit of the people of Madinah. I pray to Allah every day that we find them alive,” said Al-Dhibyani.


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