As part of the Al-Soudah tourism season which began in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia this month, visitors have been able to take part in a variety of activities on the region’s spectacular mountain slopes.

Activities including mountain biking, bungee jumping, slingshots and paragliding are available for visitors to enjoy throughout the month of August.

The zip line begins 3,000 meters above sea level. Thrill-seekers will delight in a unique view of one of Saudi Arabia’s most striking regions.

The Al-Soudah season is one of the Kingdom’s 11 festival seasons occurring throughout the year. It is aimed at providing a one-of-a-kind summer experience in Saudi Arabia by offering a variety of exciting outdoor activities in an area of natural beauty.

The Flowermen Festival will also take place during the Al-Soudah season and will bring audiences from around the world to experience the heritage of the Kingdom’s southern region. The festival will include a heritage village and market with live shows and restaurants.

The Saudi seasons are intended to transform the Kingdom into a tourist destination of the world. Each season features a unique theme with visitors able to experience a different part of Saudi Arabia’s heritage and unique culture throughout the year.

Al-Soudah season is running concurrently with the Taif season. Visitors can enjoy the famous Souk Okaz festival, featuring arts and crafts exhibitions, ancient market remains and literary recitals with popular poetry competition.


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