The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) will be recruiting women notaries with the aim of facilitating judicial services for women and expanding their role in the Kingdom’s governmental sector

The ministry has announced grade-7 “notary public” vacancies for women, who will work at notarial offices across the Kingdom.

Justice ministry has been focusing on female employment within the legal sector as part of its plans to support and empower women, widen career options and help them play a bigger role in this sector.

The new announcement of notary public posts is considered a milestone for the ministry to offer women an opportunity to enroll in such important government positions.

Previously eligible female employees worked in private notarial offices, helping those offices provide wider notarial services options to clients and creating more efficiency.

According to the ministry of justice, private notaries can issue and cancel powers of attorney (PoAs), and notarize corporate charters and property conveyances. Their private offices work in the mornings and evenings, seven days a week, using an integrated digital system.

Meanwhile, sources told Al Arabiya that the women notary public will be appointed in the main cities as a first step and then move to other cities in the Kingdom.

The areas of work of the women’s justice will be similar to the work of the men’s justice book in the legitimate agencies, the wills, the waiver of inheritance if it is not a real estate, modification of names, registration of corporate contracts, vacations, and other services.

The ministry explained that applications will be announced on July 30, and will be enabled for a week’s timeframe through the MoJ portal,


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