Sparks the Information Technology Directorate to Organize “Coding Hour”
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In cooperation with Microsoft in Saudi Arabia, the Information Technology Directorate (ITD) of King Khalid University held Hour of Code workshops over the past two weeks. The workshops taught students the basics of computer science with’s programming tutorials. The campaign paid several visits to public education schools where the IT female team completed training of 91 female students in cooperation with the First Preparatory School and Arab-WIC. Furthermore, 90 students were trained in collaboration with the Fourth Preparatory School for Girls in Abha. Because creativity is not limited to a specific place, or time, the programming tour bus paid a visit to King Khalid University on Tuesday 26/12/2017 to train 221 students on programming.  The visit lasted for two days.

Saudi Arabia Programming Initiative

This initiative was submitted by the MESC Foundation in partnership with Microsoft. It targeted youth of both genders throughout the Kingdom. The initiative was designed to demystify programming and encourage everyone to learn the basics of this field. The current cooperation with MESC, the Ministry of Education, and Microsoft offer an opportunity for youth to learn the basics of programming in a fun and natural environment. The trainer can allocate any hour from December 4 to December 30, 2017, to provide programming hours at his school, university or community.

What is the Hour of Coding?

The coding hour is a global campaign initiated by that began in 2013 and reached 100 million students in more than 180 countries. The goal of the campaign is to facilitate “programming” to learn the basics and intensify participation in the field of computer science. King Khalid University and share the goal of giving every student the opportunity to learn computer science.

Purpose of the Coding Hour

The goal of the “Coding Hour” is not to teach anyone how to become an expert in computer science within an hour. On the contrary, this hour aims to let us know that computer science is fun and very creative and that it can be learned at any age, for all students, regardless of educational backgrounds. Measuring Success in this campaign does not depend on just how much students are learning about computer science. Rather, success is measured through active participation by both genders resulting in increased enrollment and participation in computer science courses at all educational levels.


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