Abha – Dr. Hanan Badr Eldin : Most of us are wearing clothes without knowing how they can affect our bodies and which ones are suitable for winter and which are suitable for summer. They are also divided into natural fibers and synthetic fibers. In this article we will talk about natural fibers and explain the quality of these fibers and what can be worn and what are their advantages and disadvantages and how to take care of them to maintain the appearance of it .

1 – Natural Fibers :

     A – Cotton

     B  – Linen

     C – Silk

     D – Wool

Cotton :

Cotton is made into fabric after first being cleaned , bleached , spun into threads , and woven .              The process is fairly complicated and is mostly done by machine .

Advantages : Its breathable , inexpensive , resists static , and it can withstand high heat .

Disadvantages : Its prone to shrinking and stretching , it dries slowly , and it isnt wrinkle resistant .

   NOTE : Cotton can be washed in any water temperature , although higher temperatures are better for getting stains out , but hot water can shrink the fabric .

Linen :

      Is made of the fiber on a flax plant and is difficult to harvest , contributing to its expensiveness .             It takes lots of chemicals and compacting to turn it to fabric .

Advantages :  It can keep you cool , and is really easy to clean . Organic linen uses natural dyes ,                                               which are healthier for you and the environment .

Disadvantages :  It can be really , really expensive .

 NOTE : Wash your fabric regularly , but make sure that you do not tumble dry them , as that can cause permanent creasing .

Silk :

            Silkworms are a type of caterpillars from an adult moth . The silk fibers are then harvested with             steam , and the fibers are then spun to make long threads , which are treated , dyed and woven             together to make silk clothing .

Advantages : Is strong but lightweight, has a great luster, and is stain resistant .

Disadvantages : Is very expensive, and it degrades over time- making it hard to preserve.

  NOTE : It’s recommended that you hand wash silk, even if the label says that the article is safe to machine wash. But if you do machine wash it, you NEED to use the delicate cycle.


Wool :

The first step in making wool fabric is shearing it from sheep, then its quality is checked and it is prepared for spinning. The wool is spun into long strands.Then the strands are woven into fabric.

Advantages : It holds moisture without feeling wet, plus it is a great thermal insulator.

Disadvantages :It can be scratchy and uncomfortable to wear, and heat and moisture can cause it to felt.

  NOTE : Soak wool in cold water, and then gently rub out anywhere that needs extra cleaning. You can wash it in the washing machine, but use cold water, and air dry it.


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