A semi-official news agency in Iran is reporting that 450 people have been arrested over three days in Tehran since Saturday, according to AP.
The ILNA news agency report on Tuesday quoted Ali Asghar Nasserbakht, a security deputy governor of Tehran, offering the figure.
Nasserbakht said that 200 protesters were arrested on Saturday, 150 on Sunday and 100 were arrested yesterday.
The protests began Thursday over economic issues and expanded to several cities. No figure has yet been offered for other cities.

One police officer has been shot dead during protests in Iran and three have been wounded, a police spokesman said on Monday, the first reported security force fatality since anti-government demonstrations began last week, according to Reuters.
A rioter took advantage of the situation in the city of Najaf Abad and fired shots at police forces with a hunting rifle. As a result, three were wounded, and one died, Saeed Montazer al-Mahdi was quoted as saying by Iranian state television. It did not say when the incident took place.

The death toll of the popular uprising, in Iran rose to 12 and more than 800 people have been detained.
The protests started last Thursday, in the city of Mashhad, the second largest city, in Iran, and quickly spread to many cities, including the capital, Tehran.
During the largest demonstrations since 2009, the demonstrators chanted slogans against the oppressive Iranian regime.
Resentment over deteriorated economic conditions, in the Iranian society has been deepening for years.
In addition to the economic situation, there are also voices, in Iran, that oppose restrictions on civil liberties.


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