Abha – Saeed Alravie:  A specialized medical team in Asir Central Hospital has successfully conducted a series of surgeries through the technology of (glycolysis) after the equipment has been introduced to the ophthalmology section. This technology relies on directing a specific type of laser beams, with certain quantity, at the eye tissue that are responsible for producing the liquids that increases eye pressure. This is done through the use of an accurate microscope 2.2 mm that enables the surgeon to clearly see the tissue and treat them accurately. This way of treatment helps control eye pressure without the use of all or some of the Glaucoma eye drops that patients use before the operation.

 This type of surgery has been done in coincidence with white water removal through ( PHACO) in a very short time via a very small opening that is not more than 2.2 mm and without any stitches.

 The team has also conducted many one-day surgery and the patients left on the same day. They were examined the next day and the results were excellent without any complications.


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