Interior Ministry Security Spokesman Maj. General Mansour al-Turki revealed that the reason for the delay in recovering the body of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Jirani, a Judge at the Department of Endowments and Inheritances, in front of his house in Tarout town, on Tuesday 14/3/1438 AH, was due to security-related and investigations procedures to reveal the identity of a number of those involved in the murder crime, indicating that the investigations of the security authorities have been continuing to investigate all cases, whether terrorism or criminal cases, and there were no confirmed information about the killing of Sheikh al-Jirani.

The Spokesman was speaking at a joint press conference held, at the headquarters of the Security Forces Officers Club here today, with Maj. General Bassam Attia of the Ministry of Interior, announcing capturing of that one who was involved in the crime and calling the step an advantage implying through access to other dimensions, whether in this case or in the efforts of the security forces in the tracking the wanted.

The Spokesman stressed that the roles of state-sponsoring terrorism are always keen not to have any support or any direct order of the terrorist act, and do not leave the direct evidence that can be condemned before the international community, however they utilize these organizations and groups that take charge on behalf of these sponsoring countries, through recruitment, incitement, training and providing them with logistical support through provision of explosive materials or weapons, noting that the efforts currently undertaken by the Kingdom to fight some terrorist groups, such as the Houthi group in Yemen, and this group is a front and committing various crimes and evidence was announced by the coalition forces, about the role of Iran, shows Iran’s support for these groups that carry out these missions, on behalf of sponsoring countries, such as the Houthi group, the Lebanese Hezbollah, Daesh outfit, Al Qaeda network and even elements we deal with, in the province of Qatif.

He pointed out that terrorist acts, in the Kingdom, are declining and diminishing, including the attempt to target the Holy Mosque last Ramadan and targeting of buildings of the Ministry of Defense.

Thankfully, these attempts were thwarted by the security forces and have links with terrorist organizations, in Qatif, he remarked, pointing out that three wanted persons were arrested too, in al-Masoura 2 neighborhood, one a Saudi national and the other is Bahraini, adding that they were among the wanted persons, and their role was to convey information to the elements that carried out the kidnapping and support them, and concluding that all main elements leading terrorism, in Qatif Governorate, over the past years, have been announced in the list of 23 and the list of 9, respectively.


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