Saudi Gazette – The Ministry of Justice has issued licenses to 39 female lawyers, taking the number of licensed female lawyers in the country to 102.

A source from the Ministry of Justice said the ministry has issued a total of 3,844 licenses for lawyers.

“The ministry has issued 512 legal licenses this year. The General Directorate for Law Practice under the ministry reported this year had the most licenses issued. The licenses issued during past years did not exceed 225,” said the source.

“The ministry is also training 5,164 people registered in legal offices. Of them, 4,400 are men and 764 are women. All lawyers are trained before they are issued a license. The ministry offers its training programs through its legal offices all over the Kingdom,” said the source.

The source also said all trainees must have practiced law for five years, are trained within their field of work and have the time to spend at the legal office during the training period.


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