Saudi Gazette – The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) has received as many as 233 complaints against the Health Ministry, its hospitals and directorates general of health affairs during the past two years, according to local daily Al-Watan.

The society’s chairman, Mufleh Al-Qahtani, said 32 of these complaints were against the ministry itself, 130 against government hospitals and 71 against the directorates general of health affairs in various regions.

He said most of the complaints focused on the substandard health services, lack of hospital beds and medicines and the long time required for appointments given to the patients to see doctors.

Qahtani said a number of government hospitals in some cities and towns still suffer acute shortages of the advanced medical equipment and cadres.

“The most serious problem the hospitals face is the amassing of patients in the emergency wards who have to wait for a log time until beds are found for them,” he said.

Qahtani said the society is making efforts to take the voices of the complainants to the ministry so as to find quick solutions for them.

He said the appointments with doctors at the outpatient clinics of government hospitals are fixed at long times reaching months in some cases.

“The ministry has to find quick solutions to these problems so as to be able to provide the appropriate curative and medical care services to the patients,” he said.

The chairman asked for the immediate completion of the health projects in various regions so as to extend assistance to government hospitals, which have become unable to cater to the needs of the growing number of patients.

“The ministry should also increase its medical cadres of nationals and to benefit from the graduates of the health colleges in order to be able to extend proper health services,” he said.


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