Arab News – The travel ban has created concern for nearly 13,000 Saudi and expat health practitioners in the Kingdom, prompting them to obsessively inquire about their status electronically via the “Inquire about Travel Bans” service launched by the Ministry of Health in August 2013 on its website.

The service allows individual and employees working at health facilitates in different roles to inquire about their ability to travel outside the Kingdom, or if there is a ban on such travel based on registered information on the medical licensing system of the ministry. Inquirers can fill out requested information on the portal to get an answer, namely the professional license number, the number of the ban, and the number of the date of the ban.
The Ministry of Labor’s e-portal is accessible by health care workers who have been banned from traveling due to several reasons, from outstanding cases linked to medical errors they committed, to precautionary administrative measures.
Workers can enter required information and review information, such as the type of the establishment, the city of employment, the type of license, the name of the person, the number and date of the ban, the end date of the ban, reasons for the ban, and additional comments.


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