Saudi Gazette – Sixteen university graduates are among 500 other women working as supervisors and sales staff in school canteens as part of a schools’ nutrition project for public schools implemented by the north public schools.

While most women working in canteens had public education certificates, sources confirmed that there are a number of university graduates among the supervisors in the project.

The manager of the school nutrition project, Hanadi Al-Balawi, said the need to complete training courses showed the importance of those responsible for school cafeterias, as they perform several tasks, including communicating with supervisors and student services departments, selling food, and ensuring the quality of food offered in the canteen.

Al-Balawi said all supervisors go through the same training on all the basics of food safety.

The vice president of canteens and school nutrition, Haifa Al-Juhani, presented a working paper explaining the most important health and technical requirements in the cafeteria.

She touched on the ethics of the profession and concluded the presentation with advice to increase the diligence and positive attitude in the minds of employees.


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