Arab News – A member of the Saudi Society for Tourist Guides (SSTG), Ahmed Al-Jaid, has estimated the number of tourist guides needed to cope with goals set by Vision 2030 at 8,000.

The linkage between the goals of Vision 2030 and the tourism sector are many, such as the supporting and increasing recreational activities, improving the quality of life in cities, developing the tourism sector, and creating an attractive environment for foreign and local investors.
Prince Sultan bin Salman, the president of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH), said in an article: “The transformation in the tourism sector has become easier and more acceptable than before, and the reason for this is the existence of a real tourist sector and of an enormous market for tourism.”
Prince Sultan said: “We hope that tourism will be the leader of the new economy … as King Salman wants to develop tourism and the heritage sector.”
Al-Jaid told a local newspaper that the current number of tourist guides in Saudi Arabia is around 500; however, 8,000 licensed tourist guides are needed, including mutawif (pilgrim guides).
According to Al-Jaid, SCTNH and the SSTG provide courses for those working in the tourism sector to improve their skills and knowledge of the tourist routes and locations in the Kingdom.


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