Saudi Gazette – The deadline for applying for jobs at the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been extended after a technical glitch in the online employment portal.

A source said Jadarah online employment portal experienced a technical error preventing job applicants from applying before the Sunday deadline. The ministry has now extended the deadline until Tuesday.

“The technical glitch prevented a large number of fresh graduates from applying for teaching jobs under the Ministry of Education,” the source said.

The source said the portal crashed due to the large number of applicants seeking to apply, causing a technical error.

“Applicants said that the application period was too short and this is what caused the portal to crash. There are over 5,000 job positions available for women under the Ministry of Education. The portal barely survived during the past three days,” said the source.

Graduate and job applicant Siham said the portal suddenly froze and then began rejecting new applicants.

“We need to apply for jobs. The Ministry of Civil Service must attend to the problem immediately. We have not heard any comments from the ministry about the glitch. It is unfair that I remain unemployed because their website had a glitch,” she said.

Salma, another applicant, said she has not been able to apply through the portal for the past few days.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Civil Service reported the total number of women applicants for the Ministry of Education has reached 72,542.

The ministry had announced 5,523 vacant positions for women teachers under the Ministry of Education in various parts of the country, but none of the positions were in the main cities of Riyadh, Jeddah or Makkah.

The application process started on Wednesday and was to continue for a week. The available positions included teaching jobs in kindergartens (691), primary schools (1,458), middle schools (1,792) and high schools (1,582).

The hiring was to begin immediately after completing the application process. The Education Ministry has said it will give priority to applicants with an accredited bachelor’s degree or diploma in education.


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