Arab News – A rare surgery to remove a tumor from the lower jaw of an African expatriate was performed successfully at the King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah recently.

According to an official from the Ministry of Health, the patient came to the hospital complaining about pus oozing out of a tooth. Initial medical reports revealed that the patient needed a complicated surgery. Accordingly, a mutli-disciplinary team was appointed for the job.
The patient’s blood pressure and glucose level were very high and the team had to give special medication to regulate them, said the official.
“There was severe inflammation in the jaw as well as in the chin and heavy swelling on the head. However, he is on the path to recovery now.”
The patient, who is in his sixties, said the hospital helped him get rid of the tumor, which was troubling him for quite some time.
The government treats health care among top priorities to serve citizens as well as expats. Direct spending on health services takes up seven percent of the Kingdom’s budget. This means that every individual is covered by $500. The rest of the budget is spent on other expenses, including salaries amounting SR10 million annually.


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