Arab News – Less than a week into the new academic year, and parents are already complaining about the unhealthy food sold at school canteens.
Social media is abuzz with many parents complaining about the chips, chocolates, candies and artificial juices being stocked at the canteens.
Speaking on Twitter, the parents directly linked the bad meals in canteens to diseases and obesity problems in their children. Importantly, they even suggested that the school canteens give contracts to productive families who can provide proper and nutritious food for students.
Sara Al-Hazza tweeted that her son took ill and developed a stomach infection because of the food he ate in he school canteen. “School authorities should keep an eye on canteens and on the products that are sold there.”
Ahmed Al-Shareef, another parent, tweeted that school canteens mostly sell chips and chocolates. “When children start the morning with chips, sweets, chocolates and artificial juices full of sugar, their health is affected. If this is the case, they will not keep choosing bad food over healthy food for the rest of their life.”
Ali Al-Ahamdi, another father, tweeted about the drinks that are served at school canteens, saying they are unhealthy and have a lot of sugar. He said that school authorities should tackle this issue and ensure that canteen food is healthy.
Sadya Kaleem, principal of Al-Hukma International School, told Arab News that school authorities always keep an eye on canteens. However, the products the canteens provide are affordable by all children, she said.
“Fresh juices and fresh foods would be too expensive and parents would not be able to afford it. Parents who have problems with the school canteen food can send food in lunch boxes with their children.”


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