Saudi Gazette – The Education Directorate received complaints from teachers of three schools about the poor condition of the school buildings and their poor location. Makkah Education Directorate spokesman Talal Al-Radadi said the directorate received complaints from teacher of the poor condition of three schools on Mount Al-Nakasah.

“Hatim Bin Udai Primary School is one of the schools located on Mount Al-Nakasah. Teachers have complained about the location of the school even though it was built last year. The complaints state the location is hard to reach by car and is in narrow alleyways with a width of 1.5 meters. Getting to the school requires the teachers and students to go uphill. The complaints also state the streets near the school are not sanitary and exude a stench which disturbs the teachers,” said Al-Radadi.

He also said a teacher reported that many need to use the GPS to locate it. “The teacher complained that getting to the school requires great physical stamina. It is a mountain climb to get there and often times teachers have to rest for a few minutes as they reach halfway there before continuing their journey up to the school,” said Al-Radadi.

He added the school has 250 students from various nationalities including Burmese students. “The school has 11 teachers and they are struggling to maintain the students. The parents of the children have also reported their concerns about their children’s safety. They have also noted that there aren’t any safe emergency exists,” said Al-Radadi.

He also said the directorate has already started improving 48 schools out of 112. “The schools were given an official status after they were run on donations. They are now supported and fully equipped by the directorate. They receive books from the directorate and are allocated teachers by the directorate,” said Al-Radadi.

He added Hatim Bin udai School will gradually be relocated to a more suitable location in response to the teachers’ complaints.


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