Saudi Gazette – The Saudi security authorities have busted three terror cells linked to Daesh (the so-called IS) following several months of monitoring, spokesman of Ministry of Interior announced here on Monday.
Seventeen terror suspects belonging to these cells were arrested in the operations. All but three of the terror suspects, including a woman, are Saudis. The other three are a Yemeni, an Egyptian and a Palestinian nationals.

They were planning four attacks and had reached advanced stages of preparations. The suicide attacks aimed at targeting citizens, scholars, security forces and economic, military and security facilities in different areas as well as religious sites in Al-Ahsa and security headquarters linked to the defense and interior ministries.

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki said in a press conference that the terror cells were also providing logistics, funding, arms and transportation for terrorist operations inside the Kingdom. The network also communicated with leaders abroad in all their activities.

The security authorities also confiscated 20 kilograms of explosives, explosive belts which weigh 8 kilograms, weapons and ammunition. They also confiscated SR600,000 in cash from one of the cells.

Investigations revealed that one of the cells had provided refuge to those who carried out the explosion at Imam Al-Rida Mosque in Al-Ahsa and had also been involved in blowing up a military personnel’s car in Riyadh, assisting in the assassination of a Saudi officer and targeting a security post on Al-Haer road in Riyadh.

The 17 terror suspects have been identified as:
1. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Albanawi Asiri (Saudi national)
2. Osama Abdullah Sarsour (Palestinian national)
3. Ismail Saadi Albishri (Saudi national)
4. Hamad Abdullah Mohammed Almosa (Saudi national)
5. Khaled Mashaal Khaled Al-Otaibi (Saudi national)
6. Kholoud Mohamed Mansour Alrukaibi (Saudi woman)
7. Khalid Ahmed Saad Almalik (Saudi national)
8. Sultan Bakhit Bandar Al-Otaibi (Saudi national)
9. Abdul Rahman Fares Amer Almarri (Yemeni national)
10. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Twairish Altwairish (Saudi national)
11. Abdullah Saleh Salman Alshammari (Saudi national)
12. Omar Abdu Abdel-Hamid Alzoghbi (Egyptian national)
13. Mohammad Fahd Mohammed Al-Qahtani (Saudi national)
14. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Alahmari (Saudi national)
15. Nasser Mohammed Mansour Alrukaibi (Saudi national)
16. Naif Nafi Hakim Albishri (Saudi national)
17. Nassar Abdullah Mohammed Almosa (Saudi national).


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