Arab News – In line with Riyadh municipality’s efforts to ease traffic, solve traffic congestion and reduce traffic accidents in the city, the municipality built two new bridges for vehicles along King Abdul Aziz Road, at the intersections with Imam Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Road and Anas bin Malik Road.
The municipality was keen on having the two bridges operational before the start of the new school year in order to facilitate traffic in the surrounding areas.
The intersection of King Abdul Aziz Road with by Imam Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Road is one of the busiest intersections in the city.
The municipality had inaugurated the eastern side of the bridge sometime back and on Saturday inaugurated the western side for traffic moving from north to south.
By operating this bridge, King Abdul Aziz Road has become a highway, and this will help the flow of traffic to be smooth and ease congestion at traffic signs of intersections with other roads.
The total length of the bridge is 935 meters. They are actually two separate bridges with a 14-meter span and three lanes each.
The bridge was designed to make traffic more efficient; structurally it can withstand earthquakes in accordance with the seismic loads in the Saudi Construction Code.
The bridge is built over 28 concrete bases and pillars with more than 26,000 cubic meters of concrete, 5,600 tons of rebars, and 680 tons of tension cables.
At the intersection with Anas bin Malik Road, a 788-meter-long bridge was opened to traffic recently.
The bridge has four lanes in each direction and a total span of 31 meters. It is supported by 36 concrete pillars and four walls. It also has 56 pot bearings to carry the upper structure of the bridge.
To support the municipality’s efforts to reduce electricity consumption, the bridge is lit with high-efficiency LED lamps.
The municipality is currently constructing 13 bridges and tunnels in different parts of the city, all of which will be added to the road network in order to facilitate movement and efficiency of traffic.


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