Arab News – Passengers and crew of Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) have been banned from using Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 on its flights because the device is prone to suddenly catching fire.
In a circular to all its sectors, Saudia cited US Federal Aviation Administration’s warning against the use of the smartphone while suggesting not to turn on the device or recharge the battery on its flights.
The airline told local media that it has formed a committee of specialists for the safety of the cabin and prepared evaluation reports about the risks of the device to mitigate its effect and ensure the safety of passengers and flights.
The Ministry of Trade and Investment has announced recalling 6,186 Galaxy Note 7 devices and directed stores to stop selling them and retrieve the money from the company.
Many airlines across the world have either totally banned the smartphone on flights or put restrictions on its use.
The South Korean company has recognized the defect in the Galaxy Note 7 and recalled about 2.5 million devices around the world while offering exchange and cash refund options.


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