Arab News – Could you imagine a man as good in answering questions as Google? You would say no. Think again. Mohammad Al-Mutlaq is such a man who possesses a very elaborate and detailed memory of events, and much else.
Al-Mutlaq, known as Saudi Google, can give the most accurate details of events that occurred half a century ago in minutes. He is a mobile encyclopedia, and this includes events in the Hijri or Gregorian calendar.
Al-Mutlaq, 66, was quoted as saying to a local publication recently: “I had this passion since childhood, in memorizing and following up on political and sporting events, particularly with numbers. I can recall all of them and this has nothing to do with genetics, but to practice and exercise.”
He added that he never thought for a moment of joining the Guinness Book of World Records. “I learned about the German champion for a strong memory, nicknamed Johannes,” he explained.
He acquired a degree in psychology from the University of Riyadh in seven years because he doesn’t like to study.
About the secret of his memory power, he said: “Mostly because of reading, following up and writing.”
He carries around 40 pens in the pocket of his upper outfit, all with different colors and shapes. Does this have anything to do with memory or memorization?
Of these 40 pens, he has dedicated one to document the events on the royal family.
He said he adores the green pen with which he writes every subject on justice and mercy, in addition to proverbs and sermons to document events.
The red pen he uses to write the bloody events in history, such as the story of Stalin, Hitler, and others, while the black color is dedicated to documenting football stories.
He has dedicated the pen in the orange color to write about inventions and inventors of the world, while the silver pen is allocated to document the important events concerning the Al-Saud royal family.
He said he became aware of his power of memorizing things when his father told the family all about the Suez war. He explained this by saying: “My father was following up on the events and news, and told us all about it. I memorized every detail he gave with utmost accuracy, and in 1389 Hijri, an accident occurred somewhere in the wilds, and when they asked me about it I described every detail which was very strange, and I knew then, as well as everybody around me, that I have this strong memory.”
Recently some videos of Al-Mutlaq were circulated on social media showing his ability to remember and recall such historic details, amid the surprise and wonder of everybody around him.


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