Saudi Gazette – A total of 41,864 government employees left their jobs and were recommended retirement over the past year because of injuries that led to their inability to carry out their functions at work.

A total of 2,497 employees, 6 percent of the total strength, of those recommended to be retired are due to total or partial disability because of work injuries.

Retirees due to injuries during the last year were 7.9 percent of employees who have been referred for retirement according to figures quoted by the annual report of the General Organization for Retirement for 2015, and who numbered about half a million retirees — 532,117 retired.

A total of 2,497 employees were recommended to be retired because of partial or total disability caused by injuries sustained during work or because of it that led to partial disability due to work in 1,720 case — 69 percent — while those who have suffered total disability were 774 employees representing 31 percent of cases of disability due to work.

Approximately 39,370 employees were recommended retirement because of disability for reasons not related with work. They represent 94 percent of the retired due to disability.


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