Arab News – The Ministry of Health is offering greater financial and other incentives to encourage doctors and medical practitioners to work in hospitals and health centers in outlaying areas.
Currently there is a huge shortage in medical and nursing staff because few want to go to rural areas.
Assistant Director of Health Planning and Development at the Directorate of Health Affairs in Jeddah Mahmoud Al-Ali recently sent a letter to health officials and hospital directors to inform them of the shortages.
The letter emphasizes the keenness of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Jeddah to raise the level of services provided to hospitals in peripheral areas which are under Jeddah Health, especially the Adom and Al Lieth general hospitals and health centers.
It goes on to say that anyone prepared to go to these places, for even a limited period, should apply directly to the health manpower planning section at Jeddah Health Department, noting that there are financial benefits according to regulations, moral advantages and other incentives.
There is reluctance on the part of Saudi practitioners to go these peripheral hospitals because they are located in places where many essential services are not available.


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