Arab News – The Ministry of Commerce and Industry fined 170 gas stations across the Kingdom for shutting shop soon after the national budget was announced Monday afternoon.
The Cabinet approved increases in the pump prices of gasoline as well as electricity and water rates, the first of a series of “comprehensive economic, fiscal, and structural reforms” recommended by the Ministry of Finance.
Gasoline price hikes took effect after midnight Monday, while the new electricity and water rates will come into effect on Rabiul Thani 1, or Jan. 11. Octane 91 now costs 75 halalas from the previous 45. The price of Octane 95 was raised to 90 halalas from the earlier 60 halalas.
According to an official from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the ministry deployed several inspection teams that visited 900 gas stations in the Kingdom in response to public complaints about the temporary closure of gas stations to earn a fast buck from the increase in petrol prices.
“The inspection teams found around 20 percent of the total sites visited violated the regulations by shutting down the gas stations to benefit from the petrol price hike,” the ministry said in a statement.
The ministry stressed that it would like to emphasize that it will not hesitate in imposing the legal penalties on the stations not committed to the new fuel prices set up by the competent authorities.


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