Arab News – The National Information Center of the Ministry of Interior has plans to launch a number of new electronic services via the “Absher” gateway for citizens and residents. These services are being launched in coordination with a number of wings of the ministry.
The new Absher services will involve the issue of final exit visas during a probationary period, information about the disappearance of workers, travel permits for military staff, information services dealing with civil status, sending documents by post to the place of the beneficiary, and extension of special visas for Yemenis.
Under the service for extension of special visas for Yemenis, it is not necessary to contact Jawazat offices. During probationary period of 90 days, the employer can electronically issue a final exit visa for the worker.
For services regarding information about the disappearance of a worker, the employer, individual or an organization can immediately report a disappearance.
The electronic service that facilitates travel permits for military personnel is for all departments of the sector, as part of G2G services provided in cooperation with the Directorate General of Jawazat.
The civil status information service is an addition to a set of services of Absher about dealings related to Ministry of Interior with regard to civil status.
It has also been decided to add the new electronic service with the directorate general of traffic being provided by Absher.
Tariq bin Abdullah Al-Shiddi, director general of National Information Center, said that the number of those registered with Absher has reached 6 million.


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