Arab News –  Yemeni expatriates can extend their visit visas by paying a fee of SR100 and applying online through the Absher system, an official of the General Directorate of Passports has said.
The six-month visa extension, which took effect on the 21st day of Ramadan, is set to expire this month and the passport department will extend it by another six months with the procedure beginning on Friday, the official was quoted as saying on Tuesday.
The official said that the visa extension request requiring a fee of SR100 through banking channels will begin on Dec. 25 and continue till Jan. 3, and the visa will be extended without the need for a review of the passport department.
“As the applicant will deposit the fee on their personnel Absher account, the beneficiary will receive an automatically generated message,” the official said.
The official urged the applicants not to rush to the Jawazat (passport office) unnecessarily, and rather apply online with the prescribed fee and wait to receive the card at the given address through “Wasel” service of the Saudi post.
For printing of the visitor’s card, the host will have to log in to the Absher service on by clicking on the icon “Print visitor’s card” and the new card will be sent to the recipient through Wasel.
The extension by six months will allow them to continue to work in the Kingdom after getting the required documents.
With regard to the delay in the payment of the prescribed fee for visa extension beyond Jan. 3, the official said that the applicant can request through Absher after payment of the fee with a fine.
For those who are not registered with Absher, the official urged them to speed the registration with the online service.


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