Arab News –  Investors in recruitment agencies, especially those engaged with domestic workers, have claimed that 90 percent of them are almost paralyzed and blame the Ministry of Labor for the crisis.

One the reasons they cited is lack of clear instructions on the cost factor, terms of recruitment period, and the amount of money that a citizen should pay.
However, the investors did not refer to other problems faced by those type of workers as many of these countries are under pressure with people demanding that their government stop deploying women domestic helpers because of alleged maltreatment being highlighted by the media.
Speaking to local media, some of those investors said recruitment of domestic workers from Bangladesh, Nepal, Uganda, India and other countries has been affected due to major obstacles on the ground.
Citing an example, they said that in the case of the Philippines, the terms and conditions for manpower supply to the Kingdom have created hurdles, as a result of which the recruitment level has shrunk to some dozens per month. “The recruitment sector is now witnessing a state of paralysis, especially domestic labor recruitment offices as a result of some MoL decisions,” said investor Nasser Al-Shitwi.
He said owners have been hit by the obstacles even for countries that supply labor in a limited number. They are looking forward to the upcoming meeting to overcome the hurdles in a manner acceptable to both parties. He described the proposal to open the recruitment across the Gulf countries as difficult to accept in view of the ground realities.
“The contracting party on the Saudi side does not stick to the terms and conditions on the basis of which a laborer signs the contract in Bangladesh,” said a Bangladeshi embassy official in a previous discussion on the issue.


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