Saudi Gazette – The Interior Ministry is currently training its female military personnel to use weapons and physical force to enable them to do their tasks properly especially in prisons which are employing a majority of policewomen, Makkah daily said on Tuesday.

Maha Al-Dousari, director of the directorate general of prisons’ center to develop women capabilities, said a total of 30 Saudi policewomen are currently being trained by a number of Jordanian women specialist instructors.

“Negotiations are currently on with specialized US training centers to send us qualified instructors,” she said.

Dousari said policewomen in prisons are being trained with a view to develop their capabilities and enabe them to deal with any emergency situation promptly and efficiently.

She said the policewomen have been trained on the use of soft arms such sticks, electrical guns (teasers) and sprinklers and added that the ministry may approve their training on fire arms.

She said the policewomen are being rigorously trained on guarding prisons, protecting women inmates while being transported outside, confrontations and fighting, checking the prisoners’ rooms, inspecting suspicious visitors, self-defense and skills of using soft weapons.

The policewomen were also trained on dealing with riots, preventing entry of prohibited materials, negotiation skills and crisis management.

Dousari said the policewomen are receiving on-the-job-training on prison security, planning and development, public relations, computer skills, English language and various other skills.


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