Arab News – The World Muslim Congress (WMC) strives for world peace and the Muslim Ummah should stay united against terrorism, Abdullah Omar Naseef, the president of the organization, said here recently.
The WMC chief was speaking at the executive members’ meeting, which concluded with new appointments. “The WMC, which was established in 1926, re-examined its role and injected new blood in it,” he said.
He added that scholars should come forward and show the Ummah the right path.
Raja Muhammad Zafarul Haq, secretary-general of WMC and Pakistani senator, said the organization has played an important role in continuing charitable activities and providing welfare services to many people around the world.
He said the WMC provides a platform to the Muslim world to unite and discuss various issues. “The measurement of its success cannot be analyzed statistically, but its role in helping Muslims around the world cannot be denied. This meeting is an effort to enhance the activities of the members in each part of the world.”
Saleh Al-Aad, Omar Abdullah Naseef and Mohammed Abdullah Naseef were named assistant secretary generals and Raja Mohammed Ali was chosen as assistant secretary general in Pakistan. A panel of five advisers was also appointed during the meeting.
Tariq Abbasi from the UK said it’s high time for religious scholars to come forward and guide the new generation.
The WMC appreciated Saudi Arabia’s initiative in setting up an alliance of 34 Muslim countries to combat terrorism. Condemning the killing and torture by all terror groups, Islamophobia and racist attacks, the organization urged governments of all the countries to take strong measures to protect Muslims.


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