Arab News – The organizing committee of the Third Saudi Film Festival has announced that it is now ready to receive contest submissions for short, animated, student and documentary films.
This year’s festival includes the “Saudi City” competition that aims to encourage filmmakers to produce tourism-related movies about the country. The Saudi Cultural and Arts Society in Dammam, the event organizer, advised participants to submit their contributions on the festival website
The requirements include that productions must be by Saudis, produced after Jan. 1, 2014, submitted no later than Jan. 27, 2016 and not previously sent to any television channel or online network.
Film time should not exceed 59 minutes, be in Arabic, and the intellectual property residing with the writer, with legal documents to prove this if necessary.
The festival is a year-round national initiative to develop the Saudi film industry and provide opportunities for talented young men and women, in addition to creating an appropriate environment for the exchange of ideas with creative and experienced filmmakers.
The previous festival, which was held in February 2015, saw 7,500 people turn up to view the productions over five days. It included 104 films and 140 requests for training workshops. Four hundred male and female volunteers helped to set up the event.
The Saudi Film Festival is a nonprofit event used to celebrate the latest creative films annually. It includes training and other programs.


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