Saudi Gazette – Diabetes, its types and causes, as well as the latest treatment options were the focus of a two-day workshop run by the Ministry of Interior’s Jeddah Health Security Center on Saturday.

A representative said the aim of the workshop was to educate specialists, doctors and pharmacists about recent developments in the area so that they could more effectively treat patients.

Director general of medical services at the ministry, Maj. Gen. Dr. Rashid Al-Dosari, said the workshop was important as it increased awareness among doctors and medical staff about diabetes. He the General Administration of Medical Services is determined to increase efforts to prevent the disease, as well as to make available the latest treatment options for the ministry’s employees.

The workshop also shed light on insulin treatment in terms of therapeutic indications, uses and how to avoid the side effects of medicines.

The center works to provide modern and useful therapies for employees and their families, as well as to raise health awareness among the citizens and residents in general.


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