Arab News – Unemployment among undergraduate Saudis stands at 49.3 percent in the Kingdom in the first half of 2015, a survey by the Information and Statistics Department has revealed.
The unemployment rate of those with Secondary School Certificates stood at 32 percent, while those holding non-university diplomas stood at 9.1 percent, local media reported, citing the survey.
Those with post-graduate degrees showed the lowest percentage of unemployment, with six percent.
The survey has revealed that the average rate of unemployment among those with intermediate school certificates is 6.2 percent, while those holding primary school certificates experience an unemployment rate of 2.7 percent.
The composition of the Saudi labor force is as follows: Those with Secondary School Certificate comprise 35.7 percent of the total workforce, those with Bachelors’ degrees 33.3 percent, while those with intermediate certificates 10.6 percent, followed by a low margin of those with non-university diplomas at 9.8 percent.
Interestingly, those with primary certificates comprise 6 percent of the labor force in the Kingdom and, interestingly, the percentage of the uneducated citizens in the labor force equalled those with Phd degree holders at 0.6 percent.


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