Arab News – Election billboards have invaded the streets in Hafr Al-Batin, coinciding with the launch of the campaigns for the third municipal elections.

The sight of the advertisements and publicity billboards has raised resentment among some citizens who have described the scene as being arbitrary and odd. Others said that they pose hazards to pedestrians, especially those installed on traffic signals, as the strong winds often hit them and cause them to fly around and injure people. They demanded the municipality of Hafr Al-Batin take notice of these factors and take action in this regard.
Other citizens took to social media to express sarcasm about this type of publicity, but acknowledged that such advertisements are common place during election times around the world.
Naif Suaidan, the head of the Local Committee for Municipal Elections and Mayor of Hafr Al-Batin, said: “There are supervisors and observers who follow up on the violations in terms of advertising, and there is also a control officer assigned to receive the complaints and inspect the locations identified as being contentious. That officer then submits an official report concerning the situation to the Eastern Province Secretariat”.
Regarding the violations, he added: “Article 11 of the regulations on electoral campaigns stipulates in paragraph 2 not to use or rely on light poles or traffic signals for placards. Paragraph 4 of the article stipulates that signs should not be placed on bridges or overpasses, public utilities or on the median strip. We are now in the process of issuing fines for all such violators.”


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