Arab News – The two young Saudi Grade Six schoolgirls who went missing on Sunday and were found at a Jeddah shopping mall 20 hours later were sent to a women’s shelter where the police would continue questioning them, according to a report in a local publication on Wednesday.
According to the report, a security guard had identified Amna and Noura in the shopping mall and had handed them over to the mall’s administration, which in turn called the police. They were later taken to the Al-Nuzha police station.
A Jeddah police source said there were no indications the girls were kidnapped. They had left Elementary School 170 in Al-Bawadi district on their own because they wanted to have some fun at the Jeddah Corniche and the mall. The investigators had followed police procedure by taking the girls to a shelter where they would continue questioning them. There had been a massive search operation launched by the police to find the girls. Kidnapping was ruled out, particularly when their schoolbags were found in their classroom, the report said.
Col. Ati Al-Qurashi, spokesman for Makkah police, said the girls were found unharmed in the mall, and that police procedures were now being followed.
The parents of the two young girls have complained that their daughters have not been returned to them. Adnan Maghrabi and Abdulhamid Al-Janbi, the fathers of the two girls, said their daughters admitted to leaving the school through a back door, which contradicted a statement from the school that the door was locked and only opened for night classes.


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