Arab News – The Ministry of Health has said that calling the H1N1 flu swine flu is inaccurate from a scientific point of view, as this type of flu is now a human flu, and no longer bears a strong connection with pigs or any other animal.
The ministry reaffirmed that H1N1 is a seasonal virus and is no longer considered to be a “new virus.” The ministry called on the mainstream media and social media websites to be accurate and to take information from their original sources, stating that the ministry remains ready to receive any inquiry on the terminology and will respond to it as soon as possible in order to stop any rumors and reassure the public.
Faisal Al-Zahrani, spokesman for the ministry, said that the flu is an infectious virus with a high contagion rate, but added that there is treatment for the illness. There is also an effective immunization for the flu, which can be taken every year and which reduces complications and symptoms associated with the disease.
The ministry advised citizens and residents to get the seasonal flu vaccine as well, which is available in all hospitals and health centers of the ministry, as well as in private hospitals.
The ministry is currently seeking to immunize the largest number of citizens and residents possible, especially people who are exposed to complications, such as those with chronic diseases, pregnant women, children between six months and five years and the elderly.


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